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Community Manager
Community Manager

Used in a rule to automate batch import, validate, load, process and confirm, most likely in an Extender or Event Handle


'Set Processing Switches 
Dim valTransform As Boolean = True
Dim valIntersect As Boolean = True
Dim loadCube As Boolean = True
Dim processCube As Boolean = True
Dim confirm As Boolean = True
Dim autoCertify As Boolean = True
Dim scenario As String = "Actual"
Dim timeperiod As String = "2017M3"

'Execute Batch
Dim batchInfo As WorkflowBatchFileCollection = BRAPi.Utilities.ExecuteFileHarvestBatch(si, scenario, timeperiod, valTransform, valIntersect, loadCube, processCube, confirm, autoCertify, False)
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