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Community Manager
Community Manager

To be used with an Extender rule to export data from the stage for a Workflow Profile


Select Case args.FunctionType     
    Case Is = ExtenderFunctionType.Unknown, ExtenderFunctionType.ExecuteDataMgmtBusinessRuleStep
        'Prepare the Stage Data Extract File path
        Dim configSettings As AppServerConfigSettings = AppServerConfig.GetSettings(si)
        Dim folderPath As String = FileShareFolderHelper.GetDataManagementExportUsernameFolderForApp(si, True, configSettings.FileShareRootFolder, si.AppToken.AppName) & "\" & DateTime.UtcNow.ToString("yyyyMMdd") & "\MetadataExtracts"
        If Not Directory.Exists(folderPath) Then Directory.CreateDirectory(folderPath)
        Dim filePath As String = folderPath & "\" & si.AppToken.AppName & ".zip"    
        If File.Exists(filePath) Then File.Delete(filePath)
        'Set the extract options
        Dim xmlOptions As New XmlExtractOptions
        xmlOptions.ExtractAllItems = True
        'Execute the Metadata Extract
        Using dbConnFW As DBConnInfo = BRAPi.Database.CreateFrameworkDbConnInfo(si)
            Using dbConnApp As DBConnInfo = BRAPi.Database.CreateApplicationDbConnInfo(si)
                Dim zipBytes As Byte() = ApplicationZipFileHelper.Extract(dbConnFW, dbConnApp, Nothing, xmlOptions)
                'Append the contents of this workflow profile to the extract file               
                Using FS As New FileStream(filePath, FileMode.Append, FileAccess.Write)   
                    'Create a binary writer, and write all bytes to the FileStream at once
                    Using BW As New BinaryWriter(FS)
                    End Using
                End Using
            End Using
        End Using
End Select
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