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Account Reconciliation tool (RCM) - Discovery or inclusion of the Eliminations in "Origin" Dimension

New Contributor II

Morning all,

In our recent RCM tool implementation, I'm trying to see if its possible to pull in Eliminations through either Discovery or another option. Our Company uses the Origin dimension to eliminate at consolidated level automatically. What I'm trying to do for our intercompany accountant is make one account rec group with all intercompany GL's in it, and what should happen is that rec will be 0$ every month if he has reconciled right. However right now only the entity balances come into Discovery so I'm lost on how to get in the elimination side.

Any insights will be helpful thanks!



Contributor III

I‘m not a RCM expert, but you should be able to create a connector (with a business rule) and retrieving the elimination information from the cube.

New Contributor II


Discovery (and subsequently, balances) pull into RCM from Stage (not from the Cube). You could write a business rule to copy the data you need into Stage, and then voila! Discovery will happen and future balances will associate correctly to the discovered reconciliations. The Origin has to be Import, and the View needs to be YTD. Let me know if you run into snags, happy to help if you need it!