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How to access a newly copied application?

New Contributor III

This seems like an extremely simple question ... I'm barely just learning OneStream, and I must be overlooking something obvious.

I copied our production application to an application named Debug so I can try to investigate a problem without affecting our production app. But after I log off of the application and try to log on into the newly created application,  what steps are needed to add the new application to the pulldown list of applications?

When I review the Task Activity report, I can confirm that the task to create a new application named Debug completed, and there are no errors associated with that task. And if I open the page for History Detail, the line shows that I successfully created the new application named Debug.

I've completely quit OneStream (I'm running the Windows version of the app) and re-run it to try to refresh the pulldown list. If I log back on to the Production instance, I can return to the cloud administration tools and select the option to Manage Applications. The Debug application appears in the pulldown for Source Application. Is there a step somewhere to specify which applications my userID can access?

... And while I'm thinking of it. when I'm done using this Debug application, what is the process to delete it? I don't see an option on the cloud administration tools to delete an application.


New Contributor III

Here's an update.

This morning, the new Debug application had been added to the pulldown menu of available applications that I can access. No explanation why it suddenly appeared. 

But I'm still looking for the place in OneStream where I can delete this application when I'm done with it.

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I've never run a copy on my own because we copy from prod to dev environments but we've had to create the connection ourselves sometimes. Here's what was sent to me: 

You may still need to add the app reference: log into OneStream via System Administration app > Administration > Applications > create Application reference, paste the line below into "Database Schema Name": DEV1_ENDO_DEV_122021_20211220.150839

The bold/italics above are the name of your app which was provided to be by OS so hopefully you have a way to access on your own.


Deleting apps is part of the service catalog, not sure if it's something you can do on your own or not. 



Hope that's useful! 


Chuck, sounds like you never initiated an Reset IIS of your OneStream environment after running the application copy.  The application then appears in the application list once OneStream recycled itself after the environment being idled for hours. 

New Contributor III

Cosimo, thanks for the reply. You're right; I didn't understand the importance back then of resetting IIS. 

Now, I'm in the habit of always resetting IIS because I haven't seen an explanation of problems that this creates.

Same! At first, I used to be hesitant to check the "Reset IIS"  box in the App Copy dashboard thinking that it would mess up active user sessions and then defer the reset during off hours (or let OneStream recycle itself when idled). It turns out that I haven't seen any significant impact on performing the reset. Not saying that there may not be any impacts on performing the IIS reset during office hours... I myself haven't experienced any issues.