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Release Date:  12/08/2020 Updated

Prepared by: Todd Allen
Severity: Medium


Summary:   Entities and Time are key Workflow design items that should be considered when running parallel workflows.


Purpose:    The purpose of this bulletin is to raise awareness of some key Workflow concepts to consider when running workflows in parallel. Workflow is the backbone of the application. It is the overall system manager coordinating all end user and automation data preparation activities.


Key Recommendations:

  • Workflows can load in parallel if entities in the workflows do not overlap.
  • Workflows can break out each entity with its own parent if there is one parent with all the entities below it.
  • Can load multiple periods if each period is loaded sequentially in order by time.  For example, load January in parallel, before loading February, etc. DO NOT OVERLAP entities by time
  • Manage sibling imports for parallel processing. If this is an option, refer to the OneStream XF Design and Reference Guide - Section: Load Overlapped Siblings for the ‘Load Overlapped Siblings’ toggle flag.
    Note: This is only available on version 6.1.1 and later.
  • Use a business rule to filter and break down a large file by entities.
  • You can use workflow channels to further break down a blend process. For example, you can load multiple cost centers for the same entity and process them at the same time

Benefits and Costs

  • Performance and not having to reload.
  • Take longer and entity’s overlapping can create data problems.


Any deviations must be reviewed by the project team and signed off by the customer. For the step by step configuration of OneStream’s workflow, please refer to the OneStream XF Design and Reference Guide – Workflow Guides Chapter


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