March 2023

Community Manager
Community Manager


It’s time for Spring Cleaning! After a lot of research and testing, we’ve officially released our new ONECommunity version. Here’s what’s new in Version 2.0.


Optimized Navigation

We have simplified the main navigation to make items easier to find. We have also re-organized some of our existing pages to make an overall more cohesive structure.


Updated About Section

Now it’s easy to contact ONECommunity moderators and read our code of conduct! Check out how to contact us in the ‘about’ tab.


New Additional Resources

Navigate to resources > additional resources to find a plethora of helpful links that are sure to be valuable no matter where you are in your OneStream Journey.


French Language Support

You can now find help in French. Navigate to forums > French Language Forum to start posting today. Bienvenu!


Visual Updates

We’ve been hard at work making backend fixes and adjustments, including minor visual bug fixes like our “Start a conversation” button, and improvements for our mobile responsiveness. But we’ve also updated the image for the IdeaStream. Be sure to check it out!