New Course in Navigator: OneStream MarketPlace: Implementing OFC Account Reconciliatons

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OneStream MarketPlace: Implementing OFC Account Reconciliations


The OneStream MarketPlace: Implementing OFC Account Reconciliations course is geared toward those who plan on implementing the Account Reconciliations MarketPlace solution into their OneStream application. This course introduces the purpose and benefits of the Account Reconciliations solution and explains how to upload the solution into an application. Additionally, the course covers typical use cases, what it looks like to view the solution from an end-user perspective, the fundamental components of the solution, how to apply testing and validation, and common troubleshooting techniques.



This course is available on demand to customers, partners and employees. 

It includes hands-on labs and assessments, as well as awarding a micro credential upon successful completion. 


Duration: Approximately 10 hours

PrerequisitesPrior to taking this course, complete the following courses, or possess equivalent knowledge:


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