What is the difference between Blogs, Knowledge Base (KB) and Forums in the Community?

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In order to help clarify questions as to what these three items are in the community.   We have posted some basic definitions to help everyone understand the clarity between these items. 

Forums:   These are open communication between all parties.  The solutions expressed in here might not be the absolute correct solution but there a place where customers, partners and others can engage in debate and seek for answers to help others and come to a consensus.  Not everything in forums can be 100% vetted while it is monitored its for the community to decide what is right.  Its essentially crowdsourcing a solution.   

Knowledge Base (KB):  These are facts.   These are proven vetted items that are supplied by approved resources.   These include the following items.   Blueprint Bulletins, Office Hours Q&A,  Code Samples and Technical Guides or reference materials.   

Blogs:  A Blog is more opinion based or more serialized content that is more free form and discussion based that tends to have more personality and not a stringent as a knowledge base item.