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Community Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks for a better experience in the community. Not for OneStream Technical Tips and Tricks

Forum Posts

Noticed Inappropriate Content? Report it!

ONE Community should be a safe, professional place for all members to constructively collaborate. On occasion, our members may notice some content that is spam or inappropriate in nature. Did you know that you could flag this type of post for a moder...


Need to add photos to a post? No problem!

You've crafted the PERFECT message to post on our brand new ONE Community form...or so you thought! Maybe you need a little extra something to provide clarity on all the detail you've outlined. Or, you just want to make your post easier to read. ONE ...

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Personalize your Posts! Use an Emoji!

You are able to use emojis in your form posts! We all know that text messages and emails are devoid of emotion, which contributes to comments being taken out of context. Make your Community forum posts more meaningful and engaging by using emojis! ON...

About Kudos

What are Kudos? According to Merriam-Webster, kudos are: praise given for achievement That's an accurate description for kudos on the community as well. Here, if you find a post especially helpful or interesting, you can show your appreciation by giv...

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How to update your profile avitar

How to update your profile avatar To update your profile avatar, simply open your profile page and click the tiny pencil next to your current avatar: Next, select your image. You can upload it from your computer, use an image you've already uploaded ...

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OSAdmin by Community Manager
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