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Pleased to Meet You!

New Contributor II

Welcome to ONECommunity! We are excited to launch this this forum as a place for our customers and partners to interact with us- but more importantly- each other! This would be a great time to learn a little bit more about your and your background with OneStream!

Just reply to this thread to let us know who you are, what you do, what expertise you have to share, what you may be looking for in this community, your hobbies… anything you’d like. Just hit that first big green "Reply" button below to get started.

NOTE: When replying, you may wish to UNCHECK the "Email me when someone replies" checkbox. To do this, expand the "Additional Options" carrot once you click "Reply". Then, uncheck the box for "Email me when someone replies". See screenshot below.


This prevents you from receiving a reply every time someone comments/posts on it! 

We look forward to learning more about you! 




New Contributor II

I'm a sailor, snow skier, paddle boarder, scuba diver, foodie, world traveler, hiker, and occasional fisherwoman, as well as the VP of Global Education Services for OneStream Software. I'm looking forward to hearing about what's important for our global community to learn about the OneStream platform, as well as how others prefer to learn (e.g., eLearning, podcasts, labs, classroom, books, community, etc.).  🤓

Please sign in! dmlickwar