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Hello ONECommunity!!!

Hi All, Its exciting to see this community and hope to connect and build and provide solutions throughout the journey!I have been part of the EPM/CPM technologies for the past 12 years and been using OneStream extensively (most of its modules and too...

Hello to everyone in OneStream land

Hi everyone,I am really pleased to see this forum and hope it grows to be a valuable resource for users of this great product. I have only been using OneStream since the spring of 2020, but I love its flexibility. I was an auditor and accountant for ...

Hello Everyone!

My name is Marwan Omar, I am a OneStream Customer Success Administrator, based out of the Amsterdam office. Excited to be part of the ONECommunity!

Marwan by OneStream Employee
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Let's Go!

Hello all .... very excited about the launch of ONECommunity and being a participant in the knowledge sharing. My name is Dave Corbett, and I've been with OneStream Product Management for about 6 months after 15 years leading TM1 / IBM Planning Analy...

djcorbett by OneStream Employee
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Hello and Welcome,I've been working here at OneStream for a bit and and before OneStream in the finance space for 15 years. I'm excited to be here and look forward to sharing information and collaborating with everyone.

aparker by OneStream Employee
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