Account Reconciliations - Status/Approval change

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In the latest version of Account Reconciliations the Status and Approval codes within the tables have been changed from alpha numeric to numeric 0 - 9.  Is there anyway to find out what each of these new numbers means.  I'm guessing 0 for Status is InProcess and 0 for Approval is Unapproved, however need to understand what the other 8 represent for custom dashboard I am working on.


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Hi jbaker, 

My recollection from working at OneStream is that those values are enumerations defined in the OFC_SharedHelper business rule, which is encrypted. The only option I can think of is to log a ticket with support, and request support have the AAS team to check a decrypted copy of the rule, so that they can tell you the values. The procedures (before I departed OneStream) were that AAS had access to decrypted rules, but they cannot be shared outside the company. I don't know if procedures changed after my departure though. 

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