Account rec frequency

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Hi all, when specifying the rec frequency as 3,6,9,12 for quarterly recs, it will no longer show up in monthly grid view. Is there any way to have them show up monthly while frequency remains quarterly?


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Frequency is your recon process. Showing all the recs monthly by specifying 1-12 on the rec inventory/account groups is just a system setting. So that means you can still set up your recs to show monthly but you will only reconcile every quarter.

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The challenge is how do you set up the due date when it is required 1-12 but it is a recon that is completed quarterly.


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I don't think this is possible. Frequency is what drives which recs are viewed for the specific month. If it's not set up for that specific month, it won't show on the grid. Couldn't hurt to send in a support ticket to confirm though.