Anyone experience slow performance post Financial Close/Account Reconciliation upgrade PV660_SV100?

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Hi all

Has anyone experienced performance issues after a financial close upgrade to PV660_SV100? 

The client see poor performance when executing most tasks, this seems to be most noticeable for users when they are uploading documents, which is now taking in excess of 30 secs whereas in the previous version it was taking a couple of secs (in fact there are reports of document uploads taking minutes rather than seconds).  Admin type tasks  also taking considerably longer. 

Please note the client also has a general ticket at OneStream with a general performance issue, but has anyone experienced issues with this PV660_SV100 in particular?



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Hi DK_Jarl, is the issue you are experiencing related to import of T-Docs specifically, or all docs? If it's T-Docs, I'm aware that OFC PV660 SV101 was released to address a timeout issue with T-Docs. I would suggest looking into that. Good luck!