DIY OneStream Administrators for Performance and System Health Check Capabilities

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 (MarketPlace Solution -  System Diagnostics Overview)

For the Administrators that are Do It Yourselfers, we have a robust solution that can be downloaded from our MarketPlace. It’s called System Diagnostics Overview. This gives you the ability to diagnose metrics and data volumes that can effect your performance. You can perform Environment Analysis, Application Analysis, Task Analysis, and live monitoring. You can also schedule snapshots, that can be analyzed at your convenience. Another major feature is the ability to recycle applications servers. This gives you the additional insight  for keeping a healthy environment for your end user community.

Please note:

This type of solution is more meant for the OneStream Administrators. This is limited to Administrators due to the type of access it has to application information and controls. If you already have Diagnostics 123 (predecessor to Diagnostics Overview), you may need to uninstall this before installing the new one. All of the installation details are in the Setup and Installation documentation that comes with this solution.


For any additional questions please reach out to support

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