Dynamic Calc members in IC Matching Paramters

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Hi everyone - We are using OOB System Intercompany Reports from Application Reports. During configuration, on Matching Parameters screen under the Detail Dims filter attribute if I am entering all stored members the report is running fine, whereas If I am using any dynamic calc in the filter screen the report isn't working. It's actually a blank screen when I select Plug account

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Hi Prithvi,

plug accounts store the (possible) difference in an IC matching process. I do not think it is possible to create a dynamic plug account that works with the system default elimination process as well as the IC reports, as the data needs to be stored for that.

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Hi Henning - I don't want to create dynamic Plug account. Want to leverage system plug account only but in the IC matching screen I want to put member under Detail Dims filter which is a dynamic calc member in UD82023-01-09_14-59-58.jpg

Sorry, I am not sure if understand what you mean exactly. Do you mean you want to select a UD8 member that is dynamically calculated in your Detail Dims Filter? If so, the same applies. I do not believe the IC matching accounts can pull dynamically calculated data. In combination with the dynamic UD8 member, even though the plug account is stored, the data you are referring to via the UD8 member is dynamically calculated.

Maybe it is possible, but I never saw it being used that way and I am not sure about the use case for this as a dynamic calculation changes the original matched data.

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The ask is to add a parameter to this out of box report which allows the natural sign for revenue and liability accounts to be flipped. In our other reports we have dynamic calc in UD8 which allows us to flip sign however in the OOB report it does not work. Is there a way we can edit this report or any other suggestions? If it is possible to edit report, could you please share relevant dashboard components.

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Hi, you can - in theory - look at the data adapter that is used to create this report and add your parameters there. However, since this is a marketplace solution, I recommend not doing that as an update of the solution will delete your changes and OneStream Support cannot help when marketplace solutions have been changed.

I recommend you look at IC matching method queries and create your own custom IC report that does what you need. This could be based on the report you are using now.


Here are two posts that refer to such method queries. As you can see there, parameters can be used in the queries.




Also in the Design and Reference Guide, you will find some examples that may be helpful for you. Search for e.g. "ICMatchingforWorkflowUnit".

Having said that, I am not sure if this will help you using a dynamic UD8 member (or any dynamically calculated member). You can give it a try. Generally, when the account types have been set up as per general practice, flipping signage should not be necessary (though I was not part of your design discussions with the customer and cannot judge this, of course).

Also, when you say it is working in "other reports", do you mean other out of the box IC reports? If so, then I would just duplicate those other reports and adjust them to return the information that you are not able to get from the "OOB report".

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Thanks Henning

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