Journal reports

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Is there any maket place solution available to export the journal reports into a standard format similar to HFM, where we can see all the dimensions in one row and in consecutive columns and apply the filters?

Also, is there any way to export all the journals posted using different WF's ( Base entity level WF and Group level WF) into a single report ?



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Community Manager

For advanced Journal reporting, I believe most people look at the standard application reports (in particular, the data adapters in the screenshot below), and create their custom solutions.


The "JournalForWorkflowUnit" method is limited to one WF and Scenario, but nothing stops you from having multiple adapters on the same report - or building a DashboardDataSet rule with multiple calls to  BRApi.Dashboards.Process.GetAdoDataSetForAdapter (which executes a data adapter and returns the produced DataTable) with different parameters.