People Planning Conditional Expression Error

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We recently updated our people planning version and our calculate plan button is no longer working.  We didn't make any changes to the formulas. I added the data sources and the workspace dashboard name back into the Workflow profiles. Below is the error. Can someone point me in the right direction of what I should be looking into to fix this error?

Summary: Conditional Expression Error [Expression Before Substitution =|CalcPer| >= XFBR(PLP_ParamHelper, GetDriverValueInt, entityMember=!|Entity|, accountMember=[NonExemptMeritIncreasePeriod], ud1Member=[None], periodNumber=1, viewmember=[Periodic]) And |Code3|='H' And |Code1| Not In ('0500', '0501','0502','0504','0508','0514','0515','0516','0531'), Expression After Substitution=1 >= And 'S'='H' And '6500' Not In ('0500', '0501','0502','0504','0508','0514','0515','0516','0531')]. Syntax error: Missing operand before 'And' operator.


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Hi, best to dissect the expression into pieces and see which one is working and which one is not. Then you have identified the part that is not working, which then gives you the hint where to dig next. Other than reading the error message and check the returned string if that all adds up.

If you look at the returned code, I am not sure if that is really what was intended - just as the error message points out:

Substitution=1 >= And 'S'='H' And '6500' Not In ('0500', 

"1" is larger or equal to "And"... which the system cannot compare. Looks like there is a number missing. Write the individual parts of your XFBR into the error log to see where the rule omits the number required to compare with the "1". 

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Thank you for the reply!  We actually were able to discover our custom rules were over written when we upgraded and are in the process of correcting them. 


That is one for the lesson learned list: NEVER change any rule of a marketplace solution! Unless, you document this and re-do that after an update (not recommended, though rare exceptions may apply). Generally rules should not be changed at all as - just like in your experience - marketplace rules get replaced after an update. So everything that starts with PLP_ will be replaced, which is exactly what happened to you. If you create e.g. custom XBRL rules, use a different prefix so that your rule does not get wiped.

In your case, I would suggest to set up a different XBRL for your rules and put all of your custom content in there. 

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Hi Henning,

This is definitely a lesson learned one.  Our IT dept usually runs all the updates for us and I was not aware, now I know it will replace custom rules.  We did rename the rule so going forward it won't be replaced by any updates.  I appreciate the info!


Thank you