People Planning Multiple WF Profile Import

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All - I am trying to import the data into the Central Register for different WF Profiles but when I try to import using the Multi WF Load template, It is always taking the People Plan Central register not the other WF profile I created for different countries for example I have US & UK WF. I unhide the column in the template and updated the WF profile name still is the same issue. Any thoughts? would be appreciated. 





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It looks like a problem in the headers in the Multi WF template.
I may be mistaken but I vaguely remember something about a fix release note in a recent version update.

Can you try this:
- Update the Template so that the header :  xfText#:[WFProfileName}::[]
   instead, take out the ::[] at the end.  So you have this :  xfText#:[WFProfileName]

It looks like it is trying to take the characters ::[] as meaning "override anything in the rows to blank" , which then gets defaulted to the central WF profile. If you could try that and let us know. Also please say what version you are on.

Thanks @ChrisLoran for quick response.  The below are versions.



I tried and still the same issue. See below the screenshot 







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I'm experiencing the same problem.  I have implemented PLP maybe 15 times, but with this latest update to PLP I am unable to load to any workflow profile other than the one that I am connected to.  I am beginning to wonder if the new interface for importing register Excel files is ignoring the Workflow Profile Name column in the file in favor of the WFP that one is executing the import from.  



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It seems to be bug in the new version. It is working in the earlier versions.