RCM Autorec rule for approved reconciliations

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I want to create an autorec rule that will apply to reconciliations only if they have been approved in the previous period.  I can see that there are a number of variables available (like IsReconcilied and Approval) but can find no documentation about what value these variables contain (e.g. does IsReconciled have a value of 0/1 or No/Yes?) or what the variables used for (some are obvious, but many are not).  Is there actually any documentation that covers this?

In the absence of documentation, does anyone know what variable can be used in an autorec rule to determine the reconciliation status in the prior period and what the values are?



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I agree that we need more documentation on how to write these autorec rules and what kind of expressions/fields we can use.

It is frustrating trying different things without proper guidance. 

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I have been trying to determine the different variables as well for AutoRec rules. I was able to determine several of them by looking at the headers from a Recon Inventory export. I opted to use |Status| for an auto-rec rule, but like you, had no idea what the values would equate to. I have since been doing a cross-reference between the application tables for specific recon IDs and then matching the status listed on the recons themselves based on the timestamp. This is what I have come up with so far for the |Status| values:

1=In Process, 2=Balance Change, 3=Prepared, 5=Auto Prepared/Auto Approved, 6=Rejected, 9=Frequency Changed

I have successfully written an autorec expression that utilizes |Status|=3 to target prepared recons. I had to add to my expression "OR |Status|=5" because I noticed after the recon had been auto-approved, it went back to an In Process state after processing again as its status was no longer Prepared (3).

You may have to write an XFBR rule to target prior periods. If referencing |Wtk| (WF Period) for your periods, go to System > Database > Application Database > Tables > XFW_RCM_ControlListCloseDates to get the period values (e.g., 2023M1=2023003000).