RCM - Multiperiod Template (S-Doc)

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Dear community, 

We are currently testing to upload reconciliation detail items via the multiperiod template (S-Doc) in Account Reconciliation (RCM).

We tried to load one depreciation amount for T#2023M2 and one for T#2023M3.

And the template is loaded in the T#2023M2:S#RCM workflow profile.

The below screenshot is the amount filled in for the template. 



We can see the detail item has been loaded for both T#2023M2 and T#2023M3.







In T#2023M2, the import went correctly.

However, in 2023M3, the detail item shows the imported amount we put in the S-Doc (4,321), but it does not seem to roll into the explained amount, even after we process the workflow or refresh the RCM dashboard. 

When we reconcile manually, the explained amount will be updated right after we save the detail item.

Importing with a single period (T-Doc) works fine as well.


It seems that the explained amount in each month only pulls in the data when the current workflow time is equal to the "booked period".

We tried to manually change the booked period value to the amortization period we are trying to book, but after importing, the booked period always changes to the workflow time when the import is done. 

And the explained amount in 2023M3 will not be updated.


Does anyone have a similar experience as well?

Can you please share if we are missing something or if this is the standard behavior via importing in S-Doc?


Thank you so much!



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Was it ever resolved?