RCM (PV710-SV200) - Approval Level 0

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Dear community, 

We are now testing RCM upgrade SV200 for one of our clients. 

We had several reconciliations set with approval level 0 since these items do not require manual approvals. However, autorec is also not applicable since no fixed reconciled amount can be defined.

And our client prefers to update specific reconciliation properties every month before starting the RCM process.


By default, creating new account groups with approval level 0 is no longer possible since the accepted value is set between 1-4.

The old account groups already created have no issues and can still be reconciled. 

(Account group property)


(Reconciliation preparation page)



We found out the workaround is first to add 0 in the approval list parameter.

Then we can manually change an existing reconciliation to approval 0 or manually create a new one.



This leads to our question, is it possible to replicate the same process via import/export functionality to update this property?

We would receive the below error message whenever we tried to export/import. 



Please share with us if you have similar experiences in case we miss something. 

Thank you for your time!