RCM changing account risk level

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Since implementing RCM a year or so ago the account risk levels were left at the default (low).  Now there is a requirement to change the risk level for some accounts to High.  I have a couple of questions about changing the account risk level:

  • When the risk level is changed for an account does it apply for all future periods or does it need to be updated every period?
  • Does the account risk level need to be changed for every occurrence (in every entity), and does this mean that if an entity hasn't posted to the account in a previous period and then starts using the account, the risk level then needs updating for that entity?

I can't find any documentation on how the risk level actually works (no surprise there), so if anyone knows the answer that would be useful.



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@ianreid If you export the inventory, you can update the risk level on a rec-by-rec basis, or you can extract the groups and do the same. These extracts can be then saved to excel files and reloaded to the solutions.  Once you process or re-process the risk levels will be updated.

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