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Hello OneStream Experts,

We use PLP module for our people planning and we are running into issue where same users is running/hitting calculate button twice in register and it doubles data. I understand its user training issue, but we have brand new OneStream implementation and user is still getting used to it. 

What I want to do is when they click on calculate button it runs business rule in background, and I want to develop something where my code looks at TaskActivity table and figure out if user has already clicked on calculate button and workflow is in running state and I just exist BR.


Any thoughts on how to go about it will be appreciated.


Saurin Patel


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See if you can disable calculate button when people planning job is currently running by querying task activity table. 

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I get this when I try to run a People Planning calculate a second time

"Calculate Plan is currently being processed.
Please try again shortly or contact your OneStream XF Administrator for the current Task Activity status."

Perhaps a change in a newer version? I vaguely remember another version giving an uglier error rather than more elegant popup also (unless that was thing planning).

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Which version of People planning are you using? As DanielWillis mentioned, what you are looking for is standard functionality of the latest versions of People Planning.

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I am on PV 620 SV 101

Ok, that is strange. Are you sure the employees data has not being inserted into 2 different workflows by error, hence duplicating the rows? I would go to the Central register workflow and from there export the Entire Register to CSV (using the button below) to check duplication is not coming from the employee data.



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I spoke to my team and it's happening in Single workflow either user is clicking Calculate or Complete button.

Data duplication/doubling is happening in Stage tables and not register.

Hope this helps.

I did some testing and the duplication happens for me when running a Calculate and then pressing Complete before the calculation has finished. It seems that the Calculate button checks against running tasks, but the Complete button does not.

I suggest changing the setting so that the complete button completes the workflow without re-running the calculation. To do so, go to the Settings page and set the "Calculate plan before complete workflow" option in the Global options to "No".

If that solve the issue for you, I advise you also report the issue to OneStream as a bug (so it can be fixed in next releases).

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@AndreaF Thank you so much. 

Let me check it out and I will report back to see if that fixes our issue.