Task Manager - Standardized Default Time

New Contributor II

We have a requirement to standardize Task Manager's default month for all of our end users.


The out of the box setup for Task Manager defaults to the user's Workflow Time when opened. We were able to isolate the parameter that controls the combo box shown above and modified the default value from |WFTime| to |GlobalTime|. 


However, Task Manager still defaults to the WF time when reopened after this change. We have also tried hard coding the Default Value to a specific month with the same result.

We have confirmed that this change does not take effect even after ending your OneStream session (since the dashboard will remember your previous selections when you close the page and reopen).

The only way the new parameter value is shown is when you toggle to the Settings or Task Administration buttons, and then navigate back to the Scorecard. I am thinking we are missing some dashboard setting on one of the frames/buttons.

Our end goal is that whenever a user opens up Task Manager, they default to the same month. Let me know if you've come across a similar requirement!