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RCM Autorec rule for approved reconciliations

I want to create an autorec rule that will apply to reconciliations only if they have been approved in the previous period. I can see that there are a number of variables available (like IsReconcilied and Approval) but can find no documentation about...

ianreid by New Contributor II
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RCM (PV710-SV200) - Approval Level 0

Dear community, We are now testing RCM upgrade SV200 for one of our clients. We had several reconciliations set with approval level 0 since these items do not require manual approvals. However, autorec is also not applicable since no fixed reconciled...

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LisaC by New Contributor II
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Custom Account Recs Risk Ratings

Hello,Has anyone updated/added/changed the Account Reconciliation Risk Ratings in OneStream Financial Close?The standard risk ratings are Low, Medium, and High and we would like the following risk ratings:- Not Significant- Low- Moderate- High Any in...

Pfullam33 by New Contributor
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Guided Reporting

Hello, I'm having issues loading the guided reporting solution into OS. When loading the file, I get the following message: "Unable to display binary data". I'm I missing something? Thanks!!

Francisco by New Contributor
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