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Task Manager Holiday Offset

We are using what I thought would be a simple setup:We use the explicit day map as we have a relatively short close and each task is assigned to a holiday profile as shown above. It works to skip the holiday, but every task set to day 3 or after is t...

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spoole by New Contributor
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Resolved! Transaction Matching Custom Filter

Is there examples of the necessary syntax to write a custom filter for transaction matching? I keep getting errors when trying to write filters like this: A5 startswith 'text' or A5 contains [text].Error i get is: Missing operand after 'startswith' o...

akatsman by New Contributor III
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Groups in Account Reconciliation

How to create the Groups in Account Reconciliation? I tried creating but it doesn't show any child and its not in process as well. its not pulling any child accounts

Supriya21 by New Contributor
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State of Account Reconciliation

The standard status of reconciliations in the system is set to "In Process" is there a way to have each one set to a "Not Started" status? Similar to how it is in Task Manager. This way it allows managers to quickly view the progress their team is ma...

Stephanie by New Contributor II
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