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Account Recon - Complete Dashboard - Non Admin user?

New Contributor III

We version PV660-SV100 of Account Recon.  We are rolling it out globally and base entities rolling up to regional Review WF's rolling up to Global WF.  We expected that a region or Entity manager would be able to complete the WF  so that the next level could be so marked all the way up to the top.

What OS Support is telling us is that only folks in the RCM_Admin security group can complete a WF.   If we give users this access, then they can do anything they want in the tool.  That gives them complete Admin rights to everything. 

How are you managing the complete of a WF by a Finance user and not an Admin user? 


New Contributor II

Support is correct. Users who have the administer role in the global settings of account reconciliation can complete the workflow (dashboard button visibility). Depending on how the security is setup, this does not necessarily mean it would be an administrator for the entire OneStream Platform. You could approach this a couple of ways, in that you could make a single reviewer an admin within account reconciliation and then they would have the ability to complete the workflow when all the end users have completed their reconciliations. You could create a custom dashboard and dashboard button for the reviewer . Or you could have the reviewer right click and lock the workflow upon completion. Hope this helps, happy to hop on a call and discuss further.

We have 100 users in Acct Recon and locations all over the world so we have to have a hierarchy so the regions will know when complete to review before letting Corp know all is done.  So we can't have one person do it or allow all the regional managers RCM Admin rights.

I do like the idea of locking the Workflow.  That might be the fix until OS fixes this issue.


My current project leverages the locking the workflow. However, we also have a separate dashboard that they leverage for an RPA to prepare some of their recons. In order to facilitate that we needed a button that the RPA could press and go directly to the current month's recons. That button is something that could be leveraged by your reviewers and just including the server task to complete workflow.

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If you want to go the button route, you would need to set the POV action with the WFProfile, WFScenario, WFTime and the Server Task of the button to execute a helper query to complete the workflow. This would essentially circumvent the button visibility on the RCM grid dashboard and allow a non-admin to complete a workflow.


My recollection is that the button visibility is controlled through an XFBR rule. You could investigate/test writing a new rule with different parameters, and then changing the rule assignment on the button. It would require reapplying this customization with each release, but that is a fairly small change. Be sure when writing the XFBR rule to NOT prefix it with RCM or OFC, or the rule may be lost during upgrade.

Good luck!