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Account Reconciliations Best Practices

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I am looking to connect with any OneStream Account Reconciliation users/admins. We recently implemented the solution and I would love to share best practices and tips & tricks. 


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Hi Ronnie,

     We went live beginning 12/31/21 w/ a staggered approach and expect all our financial groups to be fully using the module for May 2022 close. We are currently working through best practices for items such as designing specific templates for certain users, AutoRec rules, moving from environment level 1 to 3 to gain more speed, updating our reconciliation process document to line up w/ this tool, best way to document evidence of review and notes, etc. We are knee deep into it now and received feedback from our users, IA, and external auditors.  I would be happy to chime in and also hear what others may have to say.

I'd love to connect if you are open to it. My email is

Sounds good Ronnie, my contact info is Feel free to reach out. 

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We went live with RCM/account recs in 2019 so feel free to reach out or write here. Here might be the most useful place because then other users will see and can jump in too. Not sure I have any specific best practices or tips/tricks at the moment but if you have a topic or area you're wondering about, let me know and I'll see what I can come up with! 

Hi Nicole,

     We are currently working out the best way to document variances using the Account Rec module. How does your team handle reconciling items and any other related insight you can add for this? Do you require your team to add specific notes in the template below when entering adjustment? For instance, they complete the reconciliation and identify that the GL is:


  1. Overstated – GL requires a credit of 12,386.60






  1. Understated – GL requires a debit of 12,386.60








I reached out to our local acct recs admin and she said that users do not call out the differences on the lines in the OS rec. They have one line on the OS rec for "explained balance" and then put the details of the rec in an excel file attachment. I'm guessing this won't help your decision at all but let me know if you have any other questions. 


Thanks for sharing Nicole! I added an Explanation Item called "Unexplained Item" and directed users to list all of their reconciling items there so we could properly age them and report on them. I know in BlackLine you can create a "Required Adjustment" for reconciling items and it will remain in all future recs until it is closed. This helps keep them consistent month over month and helps with reporting. I don't think this is an option for us based on the current version we have installed and possibly maybe not a capability in OneStream. I'm not sure. 

Hi Ronnie, 

You could use the "pull items" button to pull forward lines from prior period recs so users don't have to manually add them each period. Or users could use the excel template and keep the line there so that when they upload the template, the line appears on the rec and the template is automatically attached. 

If there's an enhancement you want, you could always submit a OS support ticket to see if it's already been requested and if not, submit your own. 

Hope that helps!


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Hey @RonnieKarpinsk, @meredithf, and anyone else who reads this! I have lots of ideas I can share on account reconciliations best practices. I've spent 20 years in the account reconciliation compliance software industry (I invented the reconciliation compliance products at BlackLine, Trintech, and Oracle and then worked for OneStream on the Advanced Application Solutions team). I'm with eCapital now, a OneStream Partner, heading up their account reconciliations and transaction matching practice. I am happy to network/share information with people who have questions on best practices around account reconciliations. You can find me at Feel free to send me an email if you want to chat! We can set up a quick call and I'll share what I know.