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File Explorer Manager (FEM) - MarketPlace Solution - Questions?

New Contributor

Our team recently added the FEM Tool to our Dev environment and had a few questions about the functionality. 

  • Is it possible to put the Empty Recycle Bin for all users on a Task Scheduler?
    • The Dashboard Extender BR is encrypted we cannot create an extensibility rule that performs the function {FEM_SolutionHelper}{emptyRecyclingBinAdmin}{}.
    • I am interested in running this job on a scheduler without impacting future versions/updates for the tool.
  • Is it possible to automatically update daylight savings options instead of checking the box under user preferences?
    • Our team has used the below SQL to get the appropriate time based on time zone: 
      • DATEADD(Hour,DATEDIFF(hour,GetDate() AT Time Zone 'Eastern Standard Time',GETUTCDATE()),AssignedTime)
    • The check box is pointed at XFBR(FEM_ParamHelpers, daylight savings).

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.  


New Contributor III

Since DM steps will call Extensible Rules only, you have no option to call the FEM BusinessRules directly. However, you could setup a new Extensibility rule, that in turn calls the FEM Business Rules and carries out the emptying of the recycle bin.

If you are unsure on how to do that, you can reach out to our Advanced Application Support team and they should be able to help you out.