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Get WFClusterPK of processed workflow when running Central workflow


Hi Guys, we run a People Planning marketplace solution and use some custom scripting that run queries on a custom table. These queries use the WorkflowProfileName as a dynamic filter.

However, when we run the business rule from the Central workflow (so it runs actually for every workflow), the script: 

Dim wfClusterPK As WorkflowUnitClusterPk = si.WorkflowClusterPk

Returns the primary key of the central workflow for every record (even though the records are imported (and thus in the register) with their real workflow. I can off course provide this workflow from the allocation rule but would expect that there is a script that will return the WorkflowProfile that is actually running.

Also this one gives the same issue:


Any suggestions?

Marc Roest
OneStream consultant @Finext

I don't think there is a method to do so for what you are looking for. Central workflow queries for all the distinct profiles in the register and runs them one by one. You might have to pass that to the allocation rule.

i was affraid so Celvin. as a workaround i added the WFProfileName to all allocation methods but would expect that there would be a more straightforward way. I see the original OneStream scripts also loops over the WFProfileNames and pushes them to the dependent functions so i expect indeed there is no function available.


Marc Roest
OneStream consultant @Finext

I guess you can try and get it from the register cache. However, that seems to be a bit of an exercise when you can pass the name into the allocation calc. But yes, you can try getting the workflow name from the register cache as well.