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How to export Task Manager Dashboard tasks to pdf

New Contributor

Can anyone please help to export the Task Viewer page in the pdf format so that it can be shared with other team members?


Contributor II

@nikhilpowar97  If you right click in the Task Activity window, you can export as xml, csv, txt or html. Once you open the format you've selected, you can print to pdf (depending on your computer settings) but I don't know of a way to automatically get the listing as a pdf. 

You can also export a certain date range of tasks on the System tab then Load/Extract (not the one under the Application tab). Click the export tab, then select Task Activity on the file type drop down and set your date range then extract. Still doesn't pop as a pdf, but offers a little more flexibility on dates to include. 

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for your solution, but I'm looking for the tasks within Task Manager (Market Place Solution) Tasks. Cold you please help me in exporting the tasks/dashboards within this?







Apologies as I didn't read your initial request closely enough. We don't use Task Manager so I'm unfamiliar. Hopefully someone else can help!