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People Planning Plan Data - Approach for Deleting Data Outside of Workflow Selection

New Contributor

Greetings all,

We are currently leveraging the People Planning marketplace solution implemented by a partner.   They set up forecast scenarios - 12 total - and we re-use them year by year.  For example, our 4+8 Forecast scenario that was used in FY21 is cleared and workflow period updated for FY22.

Our observation of what transpires when we execute this is that the cube is cleared however the People Plan Data table is not cleared, therefore as we roll into FY22 the FY21 plan data still remains in the plan data table.

We have identified the plan data table as XFW_PLP_Plan and we desire to find a method we can use to delete this prior year plan data.  There is a "delete plan" image (3).png button, however that drives off the workflow POV selections and in the example above, since FY22 has been assigned to that scenario, we don't have the option of choosing FY21 as the period to target in the Workflow POV, as such we are looking for a solution to get this done.

Eager for your thoughts.