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RCM DM Sequence/Steps error

New Contributor II

Hi all,

I'm trying to use the DM sequences for the RCM product. I see that there are already parameters entered on the sequences, for example WFProfile and WFTime on the process notifications sequence. What is the correct syntax to update the values for these parameters to specific selections. For example I want to make sure the sequence is running for August of this year. Everything I've tried keeps returning an error that states, "Ordinal '17' exceeds the maximum number. Thanks



Hey Jacob,

Which sequences are you trying to modify? From what I see, half of them are running books and half are business rules, so both will likely require a bit of hacking - make sure you duplicate those elements to avoid messing up your RCM.

New Contributor II

Hi Jack,

Sorry for the delayed response. I was referring to the process recons sequence. After some further attempts I got to the below solution which seems to be working. Upon using the sequence in the Task Scheduler I can provide values for the parameters as shown below. I believe when I looked over the actual business rule it will accept either the member Id or name as the values for these parameters.



New Contributor III

I was wanting to delete my reply, I think I have a different issue than what I originally replied.