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Task Manager Best Practices

New Contributor II

I am looking for some tips / tricks and best practices you might want to share. I can also share our approach and happy to answer questions. We have been using Task Manager since Spring 2020 and haven't really changed much of our approach since. 


1. We use about 16 Task Groups. Each represent either a team location or function. 

2.  We download each of our task Groups/Tasks and combine into one shared excel file. All of our groups then can make changes directly to this shared excel file for the next close period. The TM admins then take these changes and update TM directly. How do you administer your period changes?

3. We update these monthly changes manually. Am hoping to use import/export to make changes after the next update as I understand the "Unassigned" issue will be fixed. Do you also update manually or do you import your changes?

4. We haven't really taken advantage of the "Description", include attachments, include instructions. Do you use either of these features?

5. We use Category 2 to primarily identify Task Function ( Journal Entry, Reconciliation, Reporting, Analytics, etc). This Category is really helpful during close to identify status of journal entries and reconciliations.

6. We use Category 3 to primarily identify Task Area (Revenue, Payroll, Inventory, Debt, etc)