Transaction Matching - Data Splitting

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Hi all,


I'm setting up the Transaction Matching MarketPlace solution with which I want to use the data splitting functionality for intercompany matching.

In my example, I have two data sources both containing receivables and payables transactions. For each, I've set up an import WF child below the "Data Splitting Workflow Profile". In a given match set, I have a data set AR and AP.

Within the "0_DataSplitting_TXMT" dashboard, for both import workflows I've put simple filters for testing, so that amounts > 0 go to the AR data set and < 0 to AP. 

Following the setup instructions, I've also added the TransformationEventHandler BR, referencing the TXM_SolutionHelper, included the TXM_SolutionHelper.MainClass and called its ProcessImportOrClear function as instructed.

Although stage data imported is removed from the import workflows after completion of transformation, it does not end up in the data sets, nor in the orphaned transactions table (which would indicate the filtering doesn't work).


Has anyone encountered this issue before and might be able to point at what I'm doing wrong?


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