Transaction Matching limitations

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Below are a few issues I've been having with TXM.


  1. No single item matching – must group unrelated items to the extent possible and ensure to use appropriate naming conventions for comments and files to easily identify the comments/attachments associated with each unit for the reviewer. Must suspend individual items when a company number doesn’t have at least two reconciling items.


  1. Automatic refresh – must reapply filters each time after adding any comments or attachments to items.


  1. Match Comments don’t appear through Transactions page – must ensure at least one item in a group match has an individualized transaction comment explaining item to be viewed later through Match Details. Matches page shows Match Comments but is not optimal for filtering by required parameters.


  1. No Suspend Reason Code – when a company number doesn’t have at least two reconciling items, the best solution I’ve found is to use suspend. However, reason codes aren’t populated even though there is a drop-down box to select a reason code. Any suspended items must be manually tracked to add to any exported reports that use reason codes.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Gabriel, thanks for your feedback.

For the automatic refresh, i would encourage you to contact Support, since that seems like a bug.

For the other enhancements, the best approach is to log them separately in the IdeaStream forum for MarketPlace solutions; some of them might already be there, so be sure to search and upvote them! The development team monitors and addresses those issues.