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RCM - One prepared rec show

Hi, I have an issue presenting in RCM one rec is showing as Prepared but 100% of the recs has been completed and fully approved, somebody know what can be?Thanks for your time,Regards

edreyes_2-1667580370800.png edreyes_0-1667580314631.png
edreyes by New Contributor
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RCM - Balances outside of stage

Is it possible to load balances to account reconciliations that come from outside the Stage table? For instance, we do not load retained earnings from our general ledger, we have a calculated member in our consolidation cube. Therefore, our equity ac...

jacobw by New Contributor II
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People Planning - Missing operand after *

Hi,I am trying to build a rule that calculates the FICA tax based on the rate and limit given, but whenever I am trying to run the plan, I have the following error: The BR looks like this:Public Function GetFicaTaxLimit(ByVal si As SessionInfo, ByVal...

Ioana by New Contributor
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Account Reconciliation process notifications

Hi community,Hoping someone could advise the best practice for using the notifications sequence with the Account Reconciliation (OFC 7.1) solution. I have established the notification settings as desired in the administrative section of the product a...

jacobw by New Contributor II
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