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Cheers to a Fantastic 2024!

Let's raise a glass to the dawn of the New Year - a chance to refresh, renew, and revive. Or perhaps it's the time to draft a few well-meaning resolutions? Before we completely dive into 2024, it's time to reminisce about our last lap in 2023 - the delightful December.

Just a reminder to stay tuned because we will be unwrapping our exclusive '2023 Year In Review Highlight' in the coming weeks. But after that, full steam ahead to embracing 2024.

As we all well know, December is synonymous with indulgence – sweets, treats and holiday cheer! Not to mention hopefully a relaxing hiatus from work.  It’s thus no surprise it wasn’t our most active month, but we are happy to see there was still some hustle and bustle on the forums (and not just in the stores!)

Here are the highlights of December 2023:

  • Most active forum category: Reporting (Again! 33% of posts were in the Reporting Category)
  • Unique Users Logging In: 1000

Top 3 Engaged Threads:

  1. Create Excel Spreadsheet from Business Rules
  2. Tips to Designate Dev Vs Prod
  3. Unable to get value from another column in Parser BR

Most Active Members:

Are you enjoying the Monthly Highlights? Do you have suggestions for us? We’d love to hear from you!