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It's Our Sixth Month Anniversary! 


Can you believe it? We have been posting the monthly highlight for an entire half a year already! Have you made the list of our most active users? Or perhaps you've participated in the most active thread? How exciting! Congratulations to all our previous active members.


If you've not been featured, don't dismay! We appreciate you too! Even if you're one of the people who peeks around corners and only reads post -- thanks for stopping by. Don't forget you can leave Kudos for your favorite solutions. 😁


As always -- THANK YOU to our ENTIRE ONECommunity! We continue to work to improve the community and welcome any feedback you may have for us. Comment below and let us know what you’re thinking or what you’d like to see.

One final note! As we continue to evolve, don't be surprised if we change our posting or metric format. We are able to track different types of data and want to share those details with you. We promise it's all good things!


Here are the highlights of June 2023:


  • Most active forum category: RULES
  • Total posts made: 535 
  • Unique Users Logging In: OVER 1,110!


Top 3 Engaged Threads:


  1. Literal Parameters and Multiple Users
  2. How to Update UI Workflow Status When Run Via Extensibility Rule
  3. SQL Editor Unable to Save Data


Most Active Members:


This month, our triple crown of activity goes to MikeG! Well done, Mike!

  • Most forum posts and replies: MikeG
  • Most Kudo’ed author:  MikeG
  • Most Accepted Solutions: MikeG
  • Most Kudos Given: NickHymes


Are you enjoying the Monthly Highlights? Do you have suggestions for us? We’d love to hear from you!