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Pumpkin Spice Latte Season!

As Autumn and pumpkin spice sweep across North America, we find ourselves entering the month of gratitude – which is the perfect time to look back on how far the OneCommunity has come.  Did you know in November of 2021, our ONECommunity had just started to really grow?


Check out these stats from November of 2023 compared to today!

Nov 1, 2021:

  • Total Users: 495
  • Total Threads: 62
  • Total Replies on Threads: 114
  • Total Thread views: 101,405

Nov 1, 2023:

  • Total Users: 5,861
  • Total Threads: 10,684
  • Total Replies on Threads: 15,170
  • Total Thread Views: 1,1643,003

Incredible, right? And our community keeps growing! In October, ONECommunity has been a hive of activity. We continue to see vibrant discussions and the sharing of ideas that push boundaries and foster innovation. But it wouldn't be the dynamic, thriving community that it is without the tireless efforts of our community stars - you! Whether you're a veteran who's been with us since the very beginning, a new member who has just begun their journey, or a future member curious about joining us, your dedication, participation, and invaluable contributions make you the heart of ONECommunity. THANK YOU!

Now, let's journey back to October and rekindle the highlights that made the month so special. Without further ado, here are the October Highlights:

Here are the highlights of October 2023:

  • Total Users: 5861
  • Unique Users Logging In: 1196

Top 3 Engaged Threads:

  1. Log anything with JSON
  2. Default Value of a Delimited List Parameter Not Working
  3. Design and Reference Guide 8.0 release

Most Active Members:

Are you enjoying the Monthly Highlights? Do you have suggestions for us? We’d love to hear from you!