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Ok, so I may be a bit biased here given that I wrote the book, but I think every OneStream consultant, administrator, and power user should read The OneStream Finance Rules and Calculations Handbook. Before I tell you why you should read it, I’ll tell you why I wrote it – and no it’s not because I’m a masochist and enjoy the often-painful process of getting words out of my head and articulated somewhat sensibly onto the computer screen.

While writing this blog, my 9-year anniversary at OneStream lapsed. When I started my OneStream career, I had no experience coding and had never written a business rule in OneStream (obviously) or any other software. Needless to say, I had a lot to learn. As I progressed through various implementations and needed to write rules and calculations to solve business problems, I turned to the resources available – mostly the OneStream Reference Guide and various examples, either pulled from GolfStream or given to me graciously by colleagues. The one thing that I found lacking though was a holistic, bottom-up approach that broke down concepts into plain English and demonstrated how the pieces fit together. I also found that many other colleagues shared similar experiences of struggling to see the forest through the trees. Eventually, through a lot of help from colleagues and trial and error, I obtained a solid grasp of the intricacies of the Finance Engine and how to write Business Rules and Calculations. I felt an obligation to use my experience to help others and decided to write a book that I felt was desperately needed.



So why should you read this book? Well, if you’re a complete newbie like I was 9 years ago, this book assembles the big picture by starting with the basics of how the Finance Engine works and expanding to more complex topics and use case examples. More seasoned readers will benefit from the tips and tricks on how to optimize and troubleshoot rules. It should also satisfy some curiosity around why certain things in OneStream work the way they do or provide an alternate way of doing something you’ve always done another way.


Having been lucky enough to join OneStream 9 years ago, I am about as veteran as you can be, and I still learned a lot while writing this book. Both through testing various use cases, and discussions with colleagues about a feature or function I hadn’t used before. The bottom line is that if I learned something from writing this book, I am hopeful that everyone will find value from reading it, no matter how experienced you are.

OneStream has come a long way since it operated out of a small office above a sporting goods store and has recently surpassed a significant milestone of 1,000 customers. It is clear that OneStream will play a major role in the CPM space for years to come. As more people enter the arena of OneStream development, having a book that breaks down one of its most powerful features is essential. I hope that this book, and the related use case examples, will accelerate your journey to becoming a OneStream expert!


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ABC Grads, this is a must read and a great resource provided by Jon to facilitate your skill development!