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We are excited to welcome you to the Certification Corner, a new community blog to providing value by sharing insightful information and tips and tricks around OneStream Certification. Whether you are OneStream Certified, or considering OneStream certification, we are thrilled to get to know YOU better and help guide you along your OneStream Professional journey!

What is the purpose of Certification Corner?

The mission of the Certification Corner is to engage with you, share information, and create a thriving community around the Certification program while providing useful content to help you navigate earning, maintaining, and using your certification to advance your career. Prospective Certified Professionals will find value in informational posts that include content related directly to OneStream Certification exams. Are you already certified? We haven’t forgot about you! We will also include posts that highlight customer perspectives and partner spotlights that are specific to certified individuals, as well as announcements that may affect your certification, like exam retirements, expirations, and next steps.

Sneak Peak of Upcoming Posts:

  • Certification News: OneStream Certified Professional – Lead Architect: How to maintain your certification status
  • Tips and Insights: Consolidation Members by Peter Fugere
  • Tips and Insights: Data Mapping by John Von Allmen

Regardless of your certification status, if you are interested in OneStream Certification, join us! Learn, interact, and share with your peers. Also, be sure to check for OneStream Champion points for engaging with posts.

Let us know in the comments which topics you are most excited about or what you would like to see us cover!  👇

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Kristina, we will take Q & A on this corner?  I like it. Cheers

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@cbriscoe great suggestion! I will look into that!