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Everyone who has worked with OneStream understands the power of the platform and the functionality that comes with it - but where to start?  In the dozens of implementations that I have been involved with we stress the “Art of the Possible”.  In our design meetings, Direct Analytics has a proven method for consolidations and planning implementations that focus on “how to” install the product in a manner that allows for scalability and market changes.  But what about the financial close?  


The financial close is an often overlooked aspect, yet it is a focal point of the monthly, quarterly, and yearly process.  This is where the OneStream Financial Close Handbook comes into play.  Although often an after thought - the financial close helps stake holders respond rapidly to economic and business changes in real time.  The OneStream Financial Close Handbook is your easy reference to the process that your finance team will be involved in most.  The handbook starts with the “why” of Account Reconciliations and then delves deeper into the “how” of the marketplace solution.  Our book then moves onto the complexities of Transaction Matching - showing how OneStream can take the what would be a repetitive action and find a manner to eliminate and automate processes that do not change from period to period.



In my experience implementing the marketplace solutions there are few who are able to achieve “lights out” automation in their first phase.  This iterative nature is why The OneStream Financial Close Handbook can help our users.  Whether your goals are to create a better close process, streamline and existing one, or shorten the time it takes to get there, the handbook can be your guide.  The handbook builds a blueprint for a solid close foundation and gives tips and details on how to shorten your close in order to get your team back to the business of business.  


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