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WorkFlow Profile Rename Possible via BR ?


Hi Team,

Is there any magical code / function to rename the workflow using some business rule.

or direct update in the table ?




Regards and Thanks

Darpan Bhansali


Contributor II

Hi Darpan!
I am no magician but did you try to use the SQL Editor to query the table WorkflowProfileHierarchy. You will find the ProfileName there as a field. I have never tested it as it seems dirty, but technically that could work. Can you give me a feedback on that… I am curious.
I do not know how to change WF names from BR. (I think you can not)

Hi Nicolas,

As you mentioned it’s dirty… we are even afraid to do that.

2 tables are in there (as per our knowledge) which needs to be updated, not sure on any other.



New Contributor III

There is currently not a supported BRApi that will enable you to rename a workflow via a business rule. I would suggest creating an enhancement for this as it would be nice to be able to both create a workflow and update a workflow's name via BRApi in a business rule.


Nick Kroppe

OneStream Software

Valued Contributor

Be careful with renaming Workflows, there are a lot of other objects dependant on Workflow names.  

New Contributor II

I tend to just export the WF to xml, update the name, reload the xml file, then delete the old WF.

New Contributor III

ChristianW is right. Writing directly to the tables is not a good idea and if you are on the cloud may not even be possible.