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Questions about Cube Views and Reports

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Cube view column headers

When I develop cube views, is it possible to have the description in the header for the data in the rows, for instance first column might be Account, second column Customer. When I extract the cube view the header for these is blank and I have to man...

tdugas by New Contributor
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Summing CV Member Expansions

I have seen a few posts related to this topic but have yet to find any concrete answers. We are looking for a way to sum members when going to the base level with a where clause without seeing all base members. For example, we would like to get a sum...

NathanW by New Contributor
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Resolved! WriteableTextColor

Hi All, Does anyone know of a formatting string that will allow us to edit the textcolor of writeable cells in a cube view? I could split out the columns so that we have locked and writeable cells seperately and then we edit the textcolor of all the ...

Max/Min Calculation Row in CV

Hello! I received a request to add a maximum and minimum line to a cube view. The cube view shows entities in columns and a variety of accounts in the rows (not together in a hierarchy, so no .base or .children, just a list separated by commas). Max/...