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Left alignment in Dashboard button (no label)

Trying to align the text in a button to the left. HorizontalAlignment = Left does nothing. I've also tried HorizontalContentAlignment under Image. It centers the interior text no matter what I do. Anyone have any thoughts? Is this possible at all? Ki...

Collapse/Expand Column

Hello everyone, Is there a way to collapse/expend column via a native display configuration on Onestream (v8.1) ? Something same as the RowExpensionMode option in the Header Formatting but for the column. Thank you in advance.

Excel-Addin Conflict

We have users experiencing connection conflicts with the OneStream Excel Add-in. When they enable the OneStream add-in it disables the add-in they have for their ERP. They would like to be able to use both add-ins at the same time. How can we enable ...

vStageSourceAndTargetData Converted Amount

Hi OneStreamers, I am using the table vStageSourceAndTargetDataWithAttributes in a dashboard to display cost centers (Source Account) and Accounts (Target Accounts) per all other dimensions, for a selected entity and period. It's working fine but the...

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