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Resolved! Linking external Excel Spreadsheet to cube view input spreadsheet

Hi all, I'm building a cube view which includes pre-filled columns including 12 months for CY budget, PY actuals and columns for YTD actuals. Additionally, I have included all future months in the year to be for the Forecast scenario for users to inp...

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ajackett by New Contributor III
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Retrieve account in a row based on account parameter in columns

Hi, I have a Cube View where I expand accounts to report on columns using a parameter (each parameter choice generates three different columns, but all regarded as Col1). This is a specification of what is reported in the Balance sheet on two specifi...

Filip by New Contributor
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Resolved! PDF Report - Can you assign a page break?

Is it possible to assign a page break in a cube view? We have a report when exported in PDF, the header of a section is appearing on page 1, but the lines under that section are pushed to page 2.

MC111 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Quickviews - Right Click Navigate

Is it possible to use the right click - Navigate button in a quickview?This button shows up but it is greyed out. I would like to see if there is a way to navigate to a dashboard similar to creating a linked dashboard in a cube view. It would pass th...

camagruder by New Contributor III
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