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Resolved! Organizing the values of a data adapter in a pivot grid

Hello again, I am creating a pivot grid through a data adapter that works with SQL. The issue I have is that my column of months is not organized in the pivot. Values example: Values in the pivot grid: How can I solve this so that it adapts to how it...

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Marco by Contributor
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Roll Forwards Forms - not able to input activity manually.

Hi All, I am building a roll forward form and I am able to get Beginning and ending balance through business rule. I am not able to input activity manually in activity roll forwards as the fields are disabled. Please see the attached picture. I have ...

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ZubairCSC by New Contributor II
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SQL query to retrieve base members of a hierarchy

Hi, All Just wanted to share a SQL query I wrote to retrieve base members and parent of a given hierarchy from within a dashboard grid. (Note that the parameter supplies the member ID of the top member in the chosen hierarchy.) Any thoughts on how to...

NAS by New Contributor II
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