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Questions about the security of your application

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Variance explanation comments with no data update access

I have a set of Controller level users for Audit reasons don't have access to load or modify data. I am wanting them to be able to enter Variance Comments. The answer maybe obvious, but I wanted to be sure. Do I have to grant them access to load data...

johnal67 by New Contributor II
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Web application firewall

Hi ,I was wondering if anyone who has implemented OneStream has come up against issues from their IT Security people with OneStream decision not to empoly a Web Applcation Firewall (WAF) as standard. This seems to be a common requirement of most IT S...

SteveT63 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Application Access

I want to create a new application in our production environment, but I only want certain people to have access to the application. How do I add security on the application? Thanks,Winni

WAllison by New Contributor
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Resolved! Security - View only user

Hi All,Hope you are having a great time with OneStream!I am trying to provide only View Access to some users but it looks like I can't. I have set for a specific user the User Type as View and assigned this user to the group "View Only". I then place...

L_OS by New Contributor II
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Hi everyone,I have been looking in the marketplace to see if there is any tutorial about 'Best practice' to set up Securities in OneStream. I couldn't find anything.Do you have any approach to suggest? Do you use the Child/Parent group often? It seem...

L_OS by New Contributor II
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