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Journal Security - Auto-Reversing Journal Type

SOURCE: ONESTREAM CHAMPIONSWe have two security groups we use to manage journals, one with access to Post journals and one to Create journals (and Submit them). We’re seeing issues where the person with the access to post journals isn’t able to post ...

Provision Request Manager - Access Issue

Hi All,PRM is used to assign access to the users (adding, removing, adding to groups etc)However, we need a different team to handle the security provision without having access to any other components in OneStream.It seems challenging to provide suc...

OneStream Desktop Client :-Clear Sign in Info

Originally posted by Arpit MaheshwariIs it possible to clear the sign-in info from the OneStream Desktop Client ? We are using Microsoft Azure AD for SSO and every time we login, we get to choose which account to use for the login. Recently, the clie...

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