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OneStream Identity Server

Hi Onestreamers,Could you guide me to a document or an article where I can learn more about OIS ?Thanks,Adam

kakouchtim by New Contributor II
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Heartbeat Only Working For Specific App Servers

Using v.7.4.1.Initially, I set up 1 WebServer and 1 AppServerI configured the single AppServer to handle all processing and added that AppServer to the WebServer Config.The AppServer was receiving the heartbeat request as expected.Then I set up a sec...

Security when using Extended Dimensionality for differents LOB

Could you confirm if it is possible to apply Security when using in an application the EXTENDED DIMENSIONALITY: It means, if we want that Corporate cannot create new users for a specific LOB, or create new companies or accounts or manage access right...

Eva by New Contributor
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Odd Login Screen Displayed

New install of 7.3.1.WebServer on one machine. AppServer on another.When I attempt to access any of the WebServer pages, I am prompted with a very odd login page.The only fields on this page are a missing header_logo, username/password fields and a l...