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Run Transaction Matching from Task Schedule

Has anyone every setup to run Transaction Matching from Task Scheduler? We normally run from the Transaction Matching page, but the users would like it run daily. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ryan Cutrell

rcutrell by New Contributor
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Standardized BAI2 treasury file import

Hello,I am looking for the ability to load in BAI2 treasury files directly into OneStream without needing to create a custom parser extensibility rule. These files are a standard format from banks and currently Blackline has the ability to do this wi...

akatsman by New Contributor II
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Resolved! TXM Export Options

Hello,Is there a way for an end user to easily export the full matched and unmatched lists from TXM? The export icon works well for matched but is only available to admins and doesn't provide the unmatched information. The unmatched can be exported f...

bsalamone by New Contributor
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Transaction Matching uses

Hi all, If you use Transaction Matching, what do you use it for? Is it solely being used along with account recs to match transactions on detailed accounts? Does anyone use it for anything else? We're looking into the tool and trying to gather some d...